Commack School District Updates Modified Bus Routes

Due to damages caused by Hurricane Sandy, Commack students continue on modified bus routes.


Commack school officials have announced changes to the modified bus routes being used to get students to classes as clean after Hurricane Sandy continues. 

Commack School District, together with its bus company, did a survey of the school district and its roadways on Tuesday that has lead to further modifications of the district's bus routes. The changes in transportation are being made to avoid streets that still have debris, downed trees or wires more than three weeks after the storm. 

The school district posted this list of changes on its website

  • Change: Cedrus Road & Metcale Lane - all students should wait for the buses on Fenway Drive. 
    Affects: Middle School Routes #15 and #16, Burr # 7 and North Ridge #70
  • Change: Kevin Lane is now clear, but many of the other roads in the area have been affected. The new stops are: 
    Dovecote & Kevin
    Dovecote & Nagle
    Dovecote & Hedgerow
    Dovecote & Wisteria
    Dovecote & Trumpet
    Affects: High School routes #4 and #12, Middle School routes #1 and #8, Burr route #76, North Ridge routes #13 and #45
  • Change: All Fruitwood Drive students should wait for the bus either on Sheldon and Fruitwood or Spinner and Fruitwood. 
    Affects: High School route #49, Middle School route #3 and Saw Mill bus route #72, and Rolling Hills bus route #27.  
  • Change: All Bernard Lane and Irene Lane students should wait for the bus at Irene Lane and Wiltshire Drive.
    Affects:  High School route #45,  Middle School route #11 and Saw Mill bus route #65. 

All other bus routes have been returned to scheduled bus stops. School officials recommend students arrive at their bus stops at least five minutes earlier than usual given the changes. 


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