LIST: Phone Numbers Every Student's Parent Should Know

Print out this list of phone numbers in case of emergency situation at school.

Commack students heading back to school on Wednesday are prepared, armed with backpacks full of supplies and dressed in the latest fashion. Parents also need to prepare themselves for the start of a new school year.

What happens when your child is so excited to get home from school, they forget their lunch box or clarinet on the bus. Perhaps they've come down sick and are waiting for you at the nurse's office.

Here's a list of phone numbers every parent needs to know to get through the 2011-2012 school year:

District Administration
Superintendent Donald James: 631-912-2010
* Assistant Superintendent for Business Laura Newman: 631-912-2009
* Assistant Superintendent for Education Adele Pecora-Dusanenko: 631-912-2009
* Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services Amy Ryan: 631-912-2033 
* District Clerk Mary Jane Budde: 631-912-2055

Security: 631-858-3611

Principal Brian Simpson: 631-858-3590
School Nurse, Michelle Hasley: 631-858-3595

Principal Katherine Rihm: 631-912-2190
School Nurse, Karen Britt: 631-912-2196 

Principal Janet Studley: 631-858-3570
School Nurse, Gina Hawkins: 631-858-3573

Principal Michelle Collision: 631-858-3680
School Nurse, Paula Saltzman: 631-858-3687 

Principal Rhonda Pratt: 631-858-3636
Attendance Office: 631-858-3621
School Nurse, Diana Bishop or Fran DiMicco: 631-858-3621 

Principal Michelle Tancredi: 631-858-3650
Attendance Office: 631-858-3661
School Nurse, Rosa Roman  Abbye Boker: 631-858-3660

Principal Anthony Davidson: 631-858-3500
Attendance Office: 631-858-3556
Guidance Office, Jonathan Macaluso: 631-858-3500
School Nurse: 631-858-3510 or 858-3511 

Principal Catherine Nolan: 631-912-2100
Attendance Office: 631-912-2112
Guidance Office, Jonathan Macaluso: 631-912-2121
School Nurse: 631-912-2110 or 912-2111 

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