'Medford Stories' Project Seeks Adults to Tell Their Stories

Help students tell the stories of Medford and American history.

Medford Stories is looking for adults willing to share their stories with a young person.

The project, funded by a Medford Health Matters Grant, aims to pair middle school and high school-aged students with seniors and immigrants to tell stories of Medford and American history. It is looking for adults willing to be interviewed three times in the month of April.

The following was provided by Paul Lehrman on behalf of Medford Stories:

Are you Irish, Italian, Haitian, Jewish, Vietnamese or Indian? We are hoping you will join us at the Medford Public Library in April. Our project has children from the Medford Boys and Girls Club and from Medford High School. They would like to hear your family's stories about emigration (long ago or recently) or about life in Medford. We are interested in serious stories about how the first immigrant in your family found his or her first job. We are also interested in funny or heart-warming stories such as how your someone in your family learned English by going to the movies.

Are you of Chinese, German, Brazilian, African-American, Korean, or English descent?  If you would like our children and teens to interview you, please contact Sharon Kennedy at 781-393-7566 or sharon@sharonkennedy.com.

Lindsey Davidson November 15, 2012 at 06:10 PM
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