Reeling in the Big One at Commack High School

Students are using radio techniques to track trout in the Shu Swamp Preserve in Oyster Bay.

A handful of students at Commack High School are working with a Hofstra professor to track and monitor trout in the Shu Swamp Preserve in Oyster Bay, conducting their own independent research using the Adopt-A-Trout progra,.

The students raise the brook trout, which are indigenous to Long Island, and release the fish into streams and lakes. They then use radio-telemetry techniques to track and monitor the movements of the fish track and understand what happens to the trout after they are released.

Three students, Alinur Rahim, Eric Rizzo, and John Voiklis, are involved in independent research projects using the data posted on the Adopt-A-Trout website.

Dr. Peter Daniel, a professor in the Biology Department at Hofstra University, visited Mr. Kurtz’ science research class at the high school to explain the community based stewardship program.

“What happens to the trout? Do they survive? Do they stay put or wander about? It’s not all computers either. Later this spring the students will join me in the field to radiotrack some trout and help with a stream visual assessment survey,” he said in a statement.

Commack HS is one of the first schools on Long Island to get involved in the Adopt-A-Trout program. 

*Information by Brenda Lentsch/Commack School District.


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