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VIDEO: Levittown's Literacy Centers About Learning and Fun

The centers, new to the district this year, focus on teaching students reading skills.

Patch recently paid a visit to East Broadway Elementary School to observe the Levittown School District's new literacy center period.

The literacy center period was instituted this year as a replacement for the library period, which was eliminated in this year's budget. Elementary students go to the literacy center for one 45-minute class per week. A "skill of the week" is carried from the regular classroom into the literacy center classroom, where it is expanded on.

At East Broadway, teachers Elissa Kronstat and Karen Gilas try to make the class interactive and fun for the students, teaching them chants, having them create flip books and having activites where the students have to correct errors.

Die Hard November 10, 2011 at 02:59 PM
Ron more districts will loose libraries this year with the tax cap and I am sure all will adapt to fit. What I have heard it sounds that the kids will be able to fit at least the parts you mention Karen The libraries in many of the school were disfunctional and not adding value to the education and just filling the day. Mr. D less than half the cost of one teacher and after last years public relations fiasco on the amount of teachers being cut, I can't blame the board for going in this direct especially since this is a negotiation year.
ron November 10, 2011 at 06:23 PM
Not sure I agree with libraries being dysfunctional and if they were why do we need such high paid administers to "administer" programs that aren't adding value? I guess instead we have to pay millions more out of our pockets for the new APPR to do the work that maybe the administers should have been doing all along.
truthbetold November 10, 2011 at 09:59 PM
Ron, your union slip is showing. Your said "we need to stick together" is about saving your jobs and nothing to do with helping the children. The cost of those librarians including pension, health care S.S. and medicare costs for 1 year was over 900,000.00. Now you as an elementary school teacher making around the same in wages and benefits may see that as OK. We on the taxpaying side see it a little differently, especially when a Levittown Public Librarian in salary and benefits makes about 90k per year. You teachers somehow continue to harbor the thoughts that your industry is recession proof. It is not, the schools are not, The US, Italy and Greece are not. The world is a different place. Do more with less. The union did nothing to help last year and thought it was a bluff but over 100 teachers got notices and 75% remain out of work. Not to worry. I guess your school has no problems. Just remember to bring the librarians back here, you'd have to cut 8 classroom teachers. There goes class size, which is actually very low in Levittown once again. The 2% cap will mean more cuts EVERYWHERE next year unless you and the people who must stick together as you said agree to work together with the community for the good of the school children. More teachers will be let go all over NYS, with no place hiring outsiders because of P.E.L. lists. The 9 pd day will soon be the exception not the norm. That cuts thousands more jobs. If you are in the low 15% in seniority you may be next!
truthbetold November 10, 2011 at 10:01 PM
One more thing Ron, in Levittown, they eliminated quite a few administrative positions, and all the top level asst supts and supt are on pay freezes for up to 3 years, plus the new supt makes 1/2 what the last one made. That's a lot of savings.
Tom C November 10, 2011 at 11:17 PM
The company they hired does other things including IT work and website management for the district. The district was able to cut 2 postions which more than made up for the cost of the service. If it works well, the company will soon take over complete website management, Eliminating a full time position, along with the benefits associated. You shouldn't be questioning why they did it in I.T., you should be saying why don't they do it for maintenance, painting, field work, bus drivers, security, electricians, cleaners............. Need I say more?? When they do something right, you should be on their side, not "stirring the pot" against a good deed.-- Unless your one of the two canned or your on the list I just wrote lol!


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