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Photos: Northport vs. Commack Girls Lacrosse

Defending state champ Northport makes statement Wednesday against Commack.

The girls lacrosse team improved to 3-1 on the season thanks to a 21-8 win over  Wednesday in a Suffolk Division I game. Northport junior Cortney Fortunato and added two assists.

Check out the game in photos.

Gorky April 14, 2012 at 05:42 PM
This game was a travesty of sportsmanship. No matter which side you were on, it was a disgrace. Northport has over 30 players on the team and how many got into a blowout? Very few. With 30 seconds to go and Northport leading by 14, Fortunato was firing away. It’s not the kid’s fault. The Commack coach was subbing and the Northport coach had all of her best players out there at the end running up the score. In lacrosse mismatches, there needs to be a little more class than that. The Northport coach apologized, apparently, later on. Yet she did the same thing last year. Last year Northport was up by about 20-1 before she subbed. What lessons are coaches like these teaching kids? That it’s all about statistics? What about sportsmanship, winning with grace and dignity? Play your subs. Try to teach the children something of value.


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