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I am a lifelong Long Island resident. I was raised in Lynbrook and moved to Commack about 13 years ago. This is a great town and my wife and four children are quite happy here. We are blessed with two sets of twins, the elder a boy and girl, and the young ones are two girls. I volunteer with the FealGood Foundation and am proud to mention our successful fight to get US Congress to pass the Zadroga Bill! Yeah! I am a Retired NYPD Officer, served Honorably in the US Marine Corps and am described, jokingly but not all that inaccurately as being to the right of Ronald Reagan - as my Blogs will surely show. I'm honest, candid and open to the opinion of others. We are all God's children and blessed to have had some brilliant forefathers who said that debate is a good thing, and I always do it fairly. Surely with a joking twang, and passionately. That's me :-)
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